My Heather's Camp experience

If you ask a Delta Gamma at Wichita State what her plans are this summer, she will almost undoubtedly include Heather's Camp in her list of activities. For four days out of the year, we are given the opportunity to volunteer as camp counselors for children with visual impairments. From having trouble seeing in the dark, to being completely blind, there is a wide range of ability in children who come to Heather's Camp every year. I have attended Heather's Camp four times, each time was a fun-filled weekend of swimming, house-back riding, beep ball and more. When I first attended camp, it didn't take long for me to realize the sanctuary Heather's Camp is for so many of our campers. They get to leave all of their frustrations, hardships, and worries miles away. My friends and I also seemed to grow in many ways after weekends away at Heather's Camp. I have admired friends who found their passion for children through disabilities through Heather's Camp. 

It is obvious how Heather's Camp has molded the lives of some many people. Campers will never let us forget how much their time at camp means to them. Even the older campers have trouble graduating from camp because of the impact it has made. When so many people have told them they can't do something because of their impairments, financial problems or intellectual disabilities, we have the opportunity to give them a fundamental childhood experience and a weekend they'll never forget. 

- Maddie Manda, member of Delta Gamma